Self-guided Mountain Bike Tours in Georgia

Georiders invites you to Georgia to combine our expertise, local knowledge and support. We can provide a basecamp for you in order that you can feel confident to make the journey that you want to do in Georgia.

We offer you

  • Bike Rental.
  • Equipment Rental.
  • Maps & map covers.
  • GPS routes and navigation consulting.
  • Advice on sights of interest (historical, geographical - eg. hot spas, lakes, waterfalls).
  • Trail advice - eg. different terrains and styles - singletrack, forest trails, man-made, natural.
  • Safety advice
  • Local cultural advice - eg. basic language for transport, food, directions.
  • Climate reports.
  • Environmental and geographical scientific connections.
  • Access to protected areas.

Who is a Self-guided mountain bike holiday for?

  • Those who are confident to be self-sufficient.
  • Groups of riders.
  • Those who can't fit in with the dates.
  • Those who want to customise an existing trip to make it longer or shorter, harder or easier.
  • Those who have a specific thing in mind.
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