Visit remote and ancient villages un-spoilt by mass tourism.

Taste authentic cuisine and historical wine

Be awestruck by the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains

Experience an unforgettable adventure

Be exhilarated by incredible 40km descents

Absorb the warm, friendly culture

Mountain Bike Tours in Georgia

Gamarjoba! Georiders offers the finest quality group mountain bike tours with an adventurous spirit in and around the Caucasus mountains, as well as custom made holidays for individuals and private groups.

The company is joint British and Georgian owned and managed from Georgia by people who are both incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about Georgia and experienced in the field of travel. The company was founded in 2007 with the mission of enabling adventurous visitors to explore off the beaten track and taste the unique character and astonishing beauty of Georgia.

Friendly, flexible and with your objectives and requirements at our heart, Georiders provides a comprehensive service for all styles of journey in one of the world's most diverse and rich travel destinations.

Tusheti Traverse
Challenging Mountain Bike Tour

Discover the unimaginable wonder, epic trails and jaw-dropping views of the ancient region of Tusheti; the heart of Georgia. Read More...

Kazbegi Legend
Intermediate Mountain Bike Tour

Swoop around the capital's surrounding trails, before dipping into a hot spa in Borjomi and visiting the almighty Kazbegi mountain. Read More...

Day Rides
Mountain Bike Tours

Only have a short time or want something for a day or two? Read More...

Custom Made
Mountain Bike Tour

Want to create an incredible bespoke tour?