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First MTB rider in Georgia Tbilisi

November 10, 2016 - 9:03am -- admin

Hello it's me Dato. I am Georgia, i am first mountain bike riders in Georgia Tbilisi, i start to ride mtb bike in 1999 year, that time i was only me nobody did it before. I take some old soviet maps and check the routs where was point there only path for hiking and i decide to take there with my bike.

First my mtb bike was made in China and it was made by iron and it was too much bad quality and heavy 25kg. This bike my father gave me for present in New Year 1998. At 1998 i was studied in the second school. I took my bike and went for a ride in Turtle Lake near city Tbilisi. When i start to climbing it was to much hard because bike was 25kg plus rear cassette size was 11x26   3x6.

I took the time 45 mints till the Turtle lake, in General now in good bike i need 15 mints till there. The barks was on disc brake but on cable. In the end i went till the lake and i found some more problems on my bike there become problem of front BB.

It was too much terrible bike in my life, when i start downhill from the lake i found some more problems on my brakes, it was over hit after 5 mints downhill and it became impossible to stop the bike and in few seconds i make decision to put my foot in front tire to stop it. I never forget that day. For latter i changed it for new bike.

Now i have big garage of mtb bikes, I have bike rental and mountain biking guiding service. I have best friend from England Andy and we are doing mtb guiding service in Georgia Caucasus Mountains.


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