February 2012

Why you should come biking in Georgia

February 26, 2012 - 2:06pm -- admin_2
Georgia is quite a find as far as mountain biking and touring cycling goes. Tucked away in the Caucasus it is geographically just beyond Turkey and not yet in the Stans. The majestic Caucasus mountains run through the country and provide the spectacular backdrop and terrain that makes great mountain biking country (as well as the full range of mountain sports). Tbilisi itself is now accessible through reasonably priced flights from London and around the world, as well as there being good overland public transport networks that serve the country, particularly from Turkey and Armenia where there are trains and buses that connect the main cities. Overland journeying is more of an adventure but well worth it if you have the time. It is also often easier to take bikes this way. Tbilisi is well established with hotels, restaurants and a plethora of local history and culture to be explored and enjoyed. The food in Georgia in general has quite a reputation and for good reason. It is considered to be some of the best cuisine in the world. Georgia's culture is actually ancient and this has allowed for a rich and highly refined tapestry of dance, song and more recently filmmaking. This can all be enjoyed in the city with information and guides provided by us. Access to the mountains themselves is easy via minibuses with space for bikes and equipment. These buses can also be used for fully supported tours or just for pick up and drop off for those who are more experienced and want to explore for themselves (we can provide either package for you and provide local information to accompany any research you have already carried out yourself).

Davit riding east of Tbilisi

Throughout your trip in the mountains we arrange hotel, hostel, guesthouse accommodation or you can stay with a Georgian family.Every aspect of the trips' planning can be tailored to your requirements from dietary to equipment, to route planning and skill levels. The riding itself varies between the frequently ridden trails right up to completely adventurous exploratory routes taking traditional hiking and farmer's paths through the mountains. Our guides like Davit has been exploring the mountains for years and are part of a community of riders that make up majority of mountain bikers in the country. This allows for a huge amount of knowledge to be drawn upon for riding opportunities. It is good to know that you are right in the centre of an emerging sport in the country which is getting huge! Check out our Georiders Facebook page with over 270 members continuously discussing bikes, rides and equipment. If you are interested in booking a trip, or getting information about Georgia please to get in contact through the contact page.