June 2009

Svan Tower Ride

I went for a ride last Wednesday, leaving around 4.30pm. I cycled from Mtatsminda near the church on the side of the hill towards the Turtle lake. The track is destroyed in some parts meaning you have to tip-toe along the side of the small cliff-side. Some parts are difficult to ride because they dip down and then shoot back up very quickly and the hedge is getting overgrown beside the track which scratches your arms and get's in your face. Georgia, Tbilisi - June 2009 - Monastery ride (8) I crossed the quarry, then down and up to the next church, go past it up up up to the Turtle lake. The rocky path that heads up half way round the Turtle lake has been totally rutted by the rain until you get further up. Then you're up above the city. I continued up. Stopped and waited for a farmer to pass with his cattle and then took the singletrack way all the way down. At the top there is a leafy bit and the water has washed it down to the barerock which is much better. I met a load of men having a supra who wanted to make me drink and someone was firing a gun. 'Ara, ara, ara, ARA!!!' I shouted as I went past. Then down through the muddy forest and along Abashidze back again. I hope this bloody weather changes soon!

Sminda Georgi Monastery Ride

On Wednesday we went up the mountain. We had a swim in the Turtle lake to cool off from the heat, and then followed the usual route up, but continued through peaceful forests beyond to the village Tskhneti, and visited the monastery seeing view over to the mountains and city, and then headed back down to the far end of Vake. at the triangulation point