About the Republic of Georgia


Georgian people are friendly, energetic, and have a strong sense of their own culture.

Ethnic Georgians call themselves Kartvelebi, their land Sakartvelo meaning "a place for Kartvelians", and their language Kartuli.

Ancient Greek myths and legends, in particular, those about the argonauts, mentioned Georgian tribes. In the legends of the 50 great Greek Heros, Jason sailed to Colkhis in quest of the famous golden fleece.

Travel and Transport


Buses are 50 tetri anywhere in the city and you pay on entry, then there's the Marshutkas - 80 tetri. You have to wave them down which you can do anywhere, and tell them to stop by saying "gaacheret".


There's a great metro that's easy to use and costs about 50 tetri per ride, you have to buy a swipe card at any station before you use it which is 2 lari.


Nowhere in the city should be more than five or six lari.

Visa Requirements

Most nationalities can enter Georgia without a visa. Check out this site for more information

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