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Should I hire a car or can I use the public transport system?

You probably don't need a car, the public transport in Tbilisi is pretty efficient, and when it's not it's still interesting :-)


Buses are 50 tetri anywhere in the city and you pay on entry, then there's the Marshutkas which are great. They drive quite fast but they're only 80 tetri and get you quickly from a-b. Most locals use these. You have to wave them down which you can do anywhere, and tell them to stop where you want (or have an impromptu tour

of the city), which is "gaacheret". However, a surprising number of drivers do speak English.


There's a great metro that's easy to use and costs about 50 tetri per ride, you have to buy a swipe card at any station before you use it which is 2 lari and you can top it up at the station too.


The easiest way for foreigners is by taxi... Nowhere in the city should be more than five or six lari and they should confirm the price before they get in... They are negotiable and I never pay more than 4 lari.


Clean and efficient.  

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