The Georiders Team

We work with local guides - guaranteed to speak English, Georgian and Russian.

Dato Chokheli - Georiders Guide

Dato is one of the first mountain bikers in Georgia and has years of riding, racing and guiding under his belt. Dato is always up for any challenge. His knowledge of the mountains and trails of Georgia is slightly scary. He has done many community projects and events and is always helping people out.

We focus on keeping the Georgian spirit at the core of our product: that of strength, belief, respect for nature and each other. Georiders is a company that we've seen grow from its shoe-string beginnings into a successful business.

We know what a busy lifestyle people have and when they book time off for a cycling holiday they want to have an experience that will be energising, inspiring and memorable for years to come as well as taking their cycling to the next level.

Our mission is to be a socially beneficial organization. We think that it is good for business to develop the local riding community with events, education, environmental awareness, employment for mountain bike guides and stewardship. And as such these activities are equally important to us.

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