When you come on a tour with Georiders you can bring your own bike and safety gear or we can, with prior notice, provide you with certain items you might need.

Wearing a helmet and gloves is mandatory for our tours.

Comfortable cycling clothes are widely available. If you need to buy some gear before you come out, don't hesistate to drop us a mail if you need some advice about wear and what to buy.

We recommend that you wear, if not specialist cycling shoes, trainers that are strong and comfortable enough to cycle in and will keep your feet warm and dry.

As with any sports activity we recommend that you use 'layering' to ensure that you can control your temperature levels whilst cycling. For example, if you wear a breathable t-shirt and long sleeve layer, with a merino layer and finally a shell on top with a waterproof on hand if it rains, you will be able to add and remove layers whatever the weather does.

If your tour falls in a time of the year when it is likely that it will be colder than usual then we recommend extra layers (or more specialist clothing if necessary).

If camping is involved then you will need a sleeping mat - a 'Thermarest' is a popular and trusted brand. You will need a sleeping bag that is rated for the conditions. At night it can get down to zero celsius (during the summer months and a lot more off-season).

If you have requested camping for the tour then you can either bring your own tent (we can recommend excellent options for lightweight touring), or we may be able to help you out with providing one. If you are touring with vehicle support excess gear can be carried in the vehicle.

Overall, don't worry to much about kit as we can advise you about what is essential. Just drop us an email via the enquiry page.

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