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What is Mountain Biking in Winter Like in the Caucasus?

It’s here again; we’ve had a few warnings of its imminent arrival. The harsh winter that grips Tbilisi each year usually comes quite abruptly. My first year here was quite a shock, one day I was wearing a T shirt and strolling around in the late October sun, the next day the temperature had dropped quite dramatically and I was forced to don a jacket and several layers to keep out the biting cold. This year at least we’ve had some warning.

Mountain biking at the Afan Forest Park in Wales

May 26, 2011 - 12:21am -- admin

I took the train to Bristol to pick up a bike I bought on Ebay, a Kona Hoss, and a Bob Trailer and went onward to Port Talbot in Wales. From there I rode up to the Glyncorrwg mountain bike centre and got kitted out, with new tyres and SPD shoes, in Skyline Cycles, the resident bike shop.

Mountain Bike Adventure in Khevsureti

September 26, 2010 - 12:21am -- admin

When I was travelling in India in 2009, I often dreamt of going back to Georgia and mountain biking. I wanted to get involved in the local biking community and contribute. In Georgia, I was lucky to meet local mountain bikers.

I didn't expect to find them because I thought that the cycling wasn't very popular in Georgia and people seemed much keener on burning about in tinted windowed Mercedes and BMWs. How things have changed though! - at least for the burgeoning cycling and mountain biking community.

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