February 2015

My life as a Mountain Biker in Tbilisi and Why Tbilisi is Becoming a Mountain Biking Hotspot

February 14, 2015 - 10:03am -- admin

Tbilisi is a great city for mountain biking. It is full of: mountain ranges, climbs and great trails perfect for riding. Tbilisi offers a challenge for any biker and local riders are discovering new trails and challenges all the time.

Mountain Biking is being developed today in Tbilisi and its popularity is booming. While Europe and Americas were globalizing Biking community, Georgia was under repression of Soviet Union and that’s one of the main reasons why Georgia is in the first steps of its development with the sport.

Tbilisi has a very big potential to develop mountain biking. It needs: desire, attention and hard work from both sides: Society and Government.

Living as a mountain biker in Tbilisi is wonderful and it’s more than just pedaling for me. What can I do when I wake up and see the amazing Mountain landscapes? Of course I say “good morning” and go biking anywhere I want.

When I start a day with mountain biking, my feelings and emotions are rising higher and the day becomes full of positivity. I think it happens because during biking I satisfy my adrenaline requirements, see new places and become a self-competitor to push my limits and realize my potential. After doing that I can say “there is nothing I can’t do’’.

There are some serious problems in my city for being a mountain biker and one of the most important problems are traffic and the lack of available bicycle paths. Sometimes very dangerous situations happen with cars but cycling on the pavement is even more dangerous. It seems that there is no official way for cyclists to move there.

Problems mentioned above stays in my mind as just problems and with them my Mountain biking life can’t be changed. I can cycle over mountains and impossible places and think that crowded streets and traffic jams can’t cause me a negative effect. However, those problems affect beginners so it is dangerous for them.

Using my bicycle is a way of life. I use it always when I have free time or when I go to work. I go to the University and I go training with it. Having MTB friends is very important for me, because it’s more productive and funny when some of mad bikers go together to discover a mountain, or go downhill.

I have many biking friends, even more than common ones. At free times we always try to gather at a certain time and go biking together. I think that these people are the most important people for developing MTB in Georgia and each step forward made by them is a step forward for Georgian biking.

I always try to do my best in developing the sport. I have managed several MTB events and also have been part of organising groups in other important events. Everyday mountain biking becomes more and more popular; more Bike shops are opened, tracks created and the social status of mountain bikers becomes higher, which is the most important.

I think Tbilisi needs just three or four years to be the perfect and ideal place for any biker and I more people will discover to love the mountain biking way of life like me.

Author: Giorgi Alkhanaidze