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Winter warmers from the Caucasus - Gear for Winter Mountain Biking

I was recently asked what cycle specific clothing could a friend buy that would make him more comfortable during a winter ride. I offered my advice to which came the usual comment… “It’s very expensive!” “Yes, I suppose it is,” was my reply. Though coming from a background in the fashion business where, in my mind at least, prices simply can’t be justified I can with hand on heart say that with technical clothing, “it’s usually worth it”.

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What is Mountain Biking in Winter Like in the Caucasus?

It’s here again; we’ve had a few warnings of its imminent arrival. The harsh winter that grips Tbilisi each year usually comes quite abruptly. My first year here was quite a shock, one day I was wearing a T shirt and strolling around in the late October sun, the next day the temperature had dropped quite dramatically and I was forced to don a jacket and several layers to keep out the biting cold. This year at least we’ve had some warning.

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To 650b or not to 650b, the quest for the perfect bike set up.

I’ve been riding bikes for long enough to understand the benefits and downsides of new tech as it comes out or as the cycling industry dissect it’s benefits and tell us why we should replace our just bought new bike bits, as the tech is already obsolete now that there’s some new must have tech that will improve our riding endlessly, give us a must have “better experience” or that we can shave ten milliseconds off our strava stats at the unbelievably cheap price of a $1000 up-grade!

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Poverty and Charity in The Republic of Georgia. An action by Georiders

If you’re anything like us you’ll have given to this charity or that charity at some time or other, you’ll have at some point probably raised a bit of money for charity yourselves, I raised a little money for charity by cycling across Europe on my way here and even though that wasn’t my main purpose I felt good about it. The point been everybody likes to give a little, I have friends back in England that often do cycling journeys for charity, and if we’ve got it spare it makes us feel good to know that we’re helping someone less fortunate than ourselves.

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The Agency of Protected Areas in The Republic of Georgia.

Many times in my previous blogs here you’ll have heard mention of the APA (The Agency for Protected Area’s) Georgia. I thought it time I should explain a little more about this agency and what the significance of them is, not only to mountain bikers in The Republic of Georgia, but also in the wider Caucuses area. And for that matter not just mountain bikers but anyone with a love for the great outdoors that would pay a visit to this forgotten jewel nestled in the Caucasus Mountains. So who are they? And what do they do?


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